URBAN NOIZE FINAL BATTLE, 1st HipHop Event 2012 @ Space

Stiff Academy has not started a school for MC’s.. But On this Night, Your Friendly neighborhood Rapper will Definitely Skool’ MC’s.

He Swayed, He Slayed, He On this..






We can expect some to Break Character and Crack under Pressure due to Artificially dipped personalities. This Time the Punches will come Heavy, containing KO’s.

ALSO Featuring to Keep Your Body ROCKING are Dope Performances from The Chronologically Superior Hip- Hop Performers.

Here’s a Sample of the MashUp from 2011!

MC Stiff on Tuesdays 20.12.11 Urban Noize – Rap Battle Week 3 @ SPACE: Asian Heritage Row


‘..We know he’s the dopest..but the win is decided by CROWD DECISION..so you better come and support the Merit & the Cause..’


This 20th December!! You know, yes YOU KNOW..AVAIL THE RETURN OF URBAN NOISE with Your Favorite Contender.. MC STIFF. This is a 5-Week Tournament where The Champion from each week will compete in the last week to battle for the GRAND PRIZE of RM 1,000.00.

Hosted by your ‘Nomadict Addict (aint you married now man? ‘Settled down’ it is) Hip Hop Guru: VandaL, and your ‘Dont F*%K wit a MotheRF*%#KER Hustler’, none other than : KRAFT.

If the people dont already know, Spinnin’ and , Sippin’, Sinnin’ and Winnin’ on the Set, DJ KUT MASTA K. 

*DISCLAIMER: He play thatReal Hip Hop. None of that electro bull-feces.


Cover Charge RM 15, inclusive of Free Drink and a DOpe Nights Experience.
PIMP PASS – Free entry if you bring 4 Ladies
Ladies get in FREE and FREE FLOW from 10pm-12pm

Peep this Link HERE for more details on the event.


..and if you haven’t Followed, dont be a dinosaur..its @MC_Stiff

Just a taste from the previous installment of Urban Noise where Your Frendly Neighborhood Rapper went undefeated.

TRACK RELEASE + DOWNLOAD LINK : MC Stiff – Black Red Yellow (Black and Yellow Remix)

DOWNLOAD LINK ->HERE<- A Quick Tweet and the MP3 is Yours!!

This Track was released on the 16th September as a Tribute to Malaysia Day, done in the Addictively-Catchy manner by Your Friendly Neighborhood Rapper.  Definitely a treat to the entertainment buds with MC Stiff Reppin’ his home state. Be sure to share it with your peeps and download the MP3!!

If you missed the MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK CLICK ->HERE<- A Quick Tweet and the MP3 is Yours!!



A midst all these happenings around the globe regarding governments, people power and democracies, i thought it would be a good time to release this song to the public. This was written early this year and delves into a lot of issues of a country. I could have given a speech or wrote an article about this, but what better medium for a rapper to voice out than with lyrics on a beat right? I’ll leave the interpretation of the song to your own critical opinionated mind.

This is a Single Featured on ‘Radio Demokratika’  Compilation Album on Songs about Democracy and Constitution. Hype Vocals by Soul Ash, and Instrumental by an acquaintance who has stopped making beats and is currently an accountant. (I Have no idea what that’s about) JyeaH!


Download is ->HERE<– A Quick Tweet and your download starts. JyeaH!


<Scroll Below for Lyrics>

Keep Tha Kitchin' Bitchin' - Soul Ash

Download is ->HERE<- A Quick Tweet and your download starts.



Power Corrupts and thats not even the worst scene,

Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely,

i wonder how life could be, Without MORAL BANKRUPTCY..



Life takes its flight,

(Change) Doesn’t happen overnight,

When nobody’s living right,

All these new models are boondoggles,

(policies that seem hell-a-great)

How does it benefit the people? JyeaH! That’s the debate..

Political patronage over people’s welfare,

Minimal healthcare, but who the hell cares?

The value of your promises, diminishes,

As your words finishes, filling us with hope,

Your chest fells tight when you walk the tight rope,

Dictating our rights, but your deceitful lies show,

Are  all  our  needs fullfilled? (No..)

Is this the nation that we sought to build? (No..)



Power Corrupts and thats not even the worst scene,

Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely,

i wonder how life could be, without MORAL BANKRUPTCY..



From our global corruption, to rigging elections

Power struggle repeats, as we ruled by elites,

The Iron Fist leader will never defeat it,

Power of our people stays undefeated,

We gave them the power to democracy,

We didn’t see, the misery, that came with our choices,

Giving pedophile voices, banning lifestyle choices,

Arbitrary decisions now our thoughts would be,

(so restricted) Wasn’t the picture my mind depicted,

Wasn’t the future that i predicted…



Power Corrupts and thats not even the worst scene,

Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely,

A better life we would see, without MORAL BANKRUPTCY..



Like the wings to a bird, Rights are a precursor,

To bring you forward, its absence will reverse ya,

Please grant us our rights, All of us are asking,

Morals get a trashing, Without sorrows and compassion,

Tomorrow ends up crashing, And the horrors encompassing,

Occurances of violent strikes getting lives struck dead,

All the classes of the masses have a massive bloodshed,

Now imagine that..when your people died,

All your hopes and pride,

Fall in slopes and slides,

Leaving nations left with genocides.

It’s a probable probability,

And it will probably, be a commonality,

How do we regain the trust of society?

Roadblock to peace in failed democracies..



Power Corrupts and thats not even the worst scene,

ABSOLUTE POWER Corrupts absolutely,

A better life we would see, without MORAL BANKRUPTCY..



If you Missed the Link,  Download Track ->HERE<-

Safe Sex Shout Out @MC_Stiff Rhymanitis Special on Twitter

For Those who missed MC Stiff’s Chain Rhymanitis Special on Twitter yesterday,here’s a compilation of all the Tweets throughout the period of his Rhymanitis. The theme for this Installation was; Safe Sex : Stay Safe People

Maybe Not in that manner, but point made.


Why Safe Sex? Its not World Aids Day, and No, our Rapper was NOT signed as Creative Director of Durex. There doesn’t Have to be a special occasion for us to spread awareness. The fact remains; there’s too many of our Youth who are uninformed regarding this issue.

. . . . .if you haven’t viewed MC Stiff, on Twitter; Click Here


Be on your toes for the next installment of The Rhymanitis Chain Special! But for NOW.


Here are the Previous Tweets.  Have Fun!

Stay Safe People: So your making bread no rubber you a beast, soon you be making bread with your yeast #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: If You Think She’s Spunky Please Protect Your Monkey. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Dont forget your Durex everytime that you-flex #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People : If You Slip Between Her Thighs, Be Sure To Condomize. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People : You Can’t Go Wrong If You Shield Your Dong. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Keep the cover on the hose, when discovering the hoes. #Rhymanitis

(This one was contributed by @izzatmumbles ) @MC_Stiff Always make sure the cover on your hose, does not have any holes!

Stay Safe People: Having Sex, got your Lover-Pinned?Make sure your ex, doesnt have the Rubber-Pinned. #Rhymanitis inspired by @izzatmumbles

Stay Safe People: a (H)elmet (I)s (V)ital, unless H.I.V is your Idol #Rhymanitis #JyeaH

Stay Safe People: (A)void (I)nfectious (D)iseases (S)on, AIDS Prevention Lesson Number One #Rhymanitis #JyeaH

Stay Safe People: Your globe’s in dire utmost Fear, without its layer atmosphere #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Remember to Install your BitDefender, right before you press Enter #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: If You Go Into Heat, Package Your Meat. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: It really alarms me, that you dont wrap the salami #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: You can regret decisions Post-election, not in unprotected Post-erection/Post-Production #Rhymanitis #WaiitCH

Stay Safe People: A turtle without a shell, does not endure the jungle well #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Dont forget the Glove When your spreading the Love #Rhymanitis

Even He Agrees. *Not the Helmet we're advocating but at least he gets the message.

Stay Safe People: You’ll really be In Over Your Head, if you go In without it Over Your Head #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: only so much poison it can take, No matter how big the snake #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People : Cover Your Stump Before You Hump. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People : Don’t Be A Fool, Rubberize Your Tool. #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People : No Glove, No Love #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Keep the Safety on The Gun, Even if its a Hit N Run #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Want a Lover, Long Term Affection? Then Rubber Cover, Long Sperm Injections #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: If its always on your head, she’ll never say ‘my periods late’ #Rhymanitis

Stay Safe People: Laminate your Book on every page, unless you want Urgent Marriage, at your current Age #Rhymanitis



Lets end this with a message. In the Worst case Scenario of Unprotected Sex. This is the Outcome.


MC Stiff performs in front of more than a Thousand @ IPOH STREET FIESTA!!

28th APRIL, Dataran Ipoh, PERAK: MC Stiff was invited to perform at the BN Youth spearheaded Ipoh Street Fiesta last weekend. With the event featuring a ton of activities; ranging from Competitions such Street Soccer, 3on3 Streetball, to cybergames and an Inflatable tower climbing competition which overemphasized the importance of the phrase “I’ve got your back”.

" ..I've Got Your Back..!! "

Hosted by the hilarious Abang Black, a Local DJ and the Avid Blogger NisaDottie, The hounding crowd – easily breaking the Thousand attendee mark were graced with Performances by the likes of Sabahan Zizi from AF7, Stellar-in-flight a local R&B/Hip Hop group, Iqwal the 19year old performing powerhouse with dance moves that would put a smile on MJ (On second thoughts, Lets not take it there) and numerous traditional dances assemblages. To say that the traditional dances were head-turning would be an understatement. Lets just say, they had more waves than the rise of the king tide and more exposure than an Anwar case.

Performing 'Black Red Yellow' with Huru Hara Crew & Floor Digital

Our Sarawak Born Rapper, kicked off his performance with his staple song as well as his staple drink – Teh Ais; Which not only got the Ipoh dwellers, but also got the likes of the Mak Cik selling Lekor, and the Char Kueh Teow Boys chanting along ‘The Ais! The Ais!’ to the Thirst Quenching Anthem. He also performed the Golden era pleasing ‘Kampung Boy’ and did a debut performance of his Hip Swaying track ‘Stay on Top’.

Just when the microphone was shedding tears from when MC Stiff put it down; they called on MC Stiff again! For his encore performance, the song Black Red Yellow (a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s, Black & Yellow, due for release early June!) was performed with the Bombastic Dancers from Huru Hara Crew and Floor Digital –The dance crews that made it to the Finals of the Street Dance competition and also bagged RM 1,000 cash prize. Shout out to them!

Most humans can only watch as Messi passes by..

After the array of crowd moving performances, the night progressed with the live telecast of UEFA Champions League Finals, Barcelona vs Manchester United on the big screen. The outcome of the match was of course expected with MU being pushed around like a rusty squeaking trolley in a supermart. Yes, it was Messi.. For a highly recommended spine cracking read on Barca vs MU by our favourite Footbal Pundit, click here. Until next time, spread the Love, and be on your toes for MC Stiff’s release of Black Red Yellow early June. We’re Out!!

Jyeah - MC Stiff

“The MC Stiff Showcase” @Varsity/College Holidays Dakode Gig.

This 14th MAY at 1Cafe, Kuala Lumpur – the Dakode Music, Arts and Entertainment Community brings you the Varsity/College Holidays Dakode Gig!! A music community formed with the mission of promotion of individual or groups in the music, arts and entertainment industry; with a special focus and interest on independent musicians.

With Media Coverage from TV9 and Klik Magazine, this gig will feature musicians (Listed Below) from a variety of genre’s (and ages too!) with amazing talent that will definitely rock your socks off! But then again, which event would be complete without the presence of your Friendly Neighborhood Rapper? That was the opinion of the event organizers as they invited the Celebrity Ambassador of WUPID (you don’t know what WUPID is? Find out here before you get struck by lightning!) to Host and terrorize the mic for the All-Night Hit Party Session of the event!

To top that off, alongside hosting: The man himself has Finally decided to fully flex his creativity and share his music to the general public. Just like every intimate couple session and every blockbuster hit; there is always a climax in the string of events – and for this event, its’ “The MC Stiff Showcase”.

“The MC Stiff Showcase” will display all aspects of this multi-talented up and comer as he performs his recently released single ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ (From Radio Demokratika Album) as well as promo his unreleased music including; the ever-catchy-crowd pleaser ‘Kampung Boy’, the Avid Mamak goer anthem ‘Teh Ais’ (whats your favourite drink?), the artistic humorous ‘I Am The Floor’ and many more. For the Lucky majority of you who will be attending, MC Stiff will also do the Wordmaster Freestyle where the audience will suggest a list of words for our Rapper and he’ll have no choice but to compose a story-line based song – On the Spot!!

This is a performance guaranteed to liberate your cognitive receptors and break all conservative opinions you have on Rap and its ability to entertain your Thirsty Soul.  You can witness MC Stiff do his thing AND all the other performers and acquire a full pass for an affordable RM 36.

OR ->IF you only want to watch MC Stiff – you can purchase a single set pass for Only RM 25 !!

The MC Stiff website team would like to announce that half of the sales from the tickets will go to supporting the cause of the funding MC Stiffs’ future international battles and upgrading of this blog to the official mcstiff.com website! So make sure your money reaches your desired end and contact us. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

To Support the Cause!! -> For Purchase of Tickets (RM 36 per person) Please Contact:

Tel: +6013.262.3695

E-mail: msyafiqb29@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsmcstiff

Twitter: twitter.com/mc_stiff


PERFORMANCE LINE-UPS [Saturday, 14th May 2011]

2:00pm – 4:00pm: Yart and the Opera/ Hello Screen/Cyndcate

5:00pm – 7:00pm: Alif Azizi/Angelika/ Dayana Amerda (Idola Kecil 2) & Danial Razak (12 y/o professional drummer)

7:45pm – 9:45pm: Loud Music Percussions (LMP)/Band Nafas/ Couple

9.45pm-10.15pm : The MC STIFF SHOWCASE*

10:15 pm -1.00pm : Pia Zahari/ Tashya’s Ink/ Elvira Arul/ Zailan Razak

Venue : 1Cafe Kuala Lumpur

338 Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The 3rd Movemint Anniversary Party!

Yes people, its that Time of the year again! ! Aint no way to commemorate Hip Hop, than with a Party by the MoveMint Hosted by The one and only Vandal.  Expect a crazy showcase of Hip Hop Performances; open floor of Bboys,  Beat meet Titans where the Beatmakers Clash off, Mural Massacre where KL’s graffiti junkies go wild, and the Tag-Team beatbox…gonna be crazy!! Well, with vandal hosting, you better know it’ll be volcanic!

But Yes People…the part you’ve been waiting for..the Rap Battles!

The Match Ups:

Double Dice vs Zain Azrai

MC Stiff vs VKJ

Tactmatic vs Soul Ash

Reasons have been unclear on why Double Dice and Zain Azrai aren’t on good terms with each other. Speculations have varied from the incident where Zain commented that there is a correlation between the consumption of ‘dhal’ and lack of productivity, to the incident of Double Dice eating Zain Azrai’s ‘Last Three’ french fries because he thought Zain didn’t need the extra calories. If all this is true, then You don’t mess with other people’s food. Especially not a Fat Man’s French fries!! Expect an emotionally charged battle in this one.

After an awesome trip to Fliptop, despite not managing to win over the local judges; MC Stiff is still in the game and his boxing gloves have never been Harder! (we suspect he’s injecting mercury in his boxing gloves to make it pack a heavier punch!) VKJ, a young and up and coming battle rapper will have his biggest battle yet as he faces Your Friendly neighborhood Rapper in what will be, VKJ’s  longest three minutes of his life… –

- The MC Stiff website team wish VKJ all the best!! -

Lastly, the biggest match-up of the night. The.Heat.Is.On. as Soul Ash the Chef a.k.a. Keeps tha Kitchen’ Bitchin’ is going head to head with Tactmatic, who recently battled in the Phillippines and Australia and is knowned as one of the most Veteran Battle emcees in the scene. Soul Ash on the other hand, when asked regarding the battle, said that the only preparation he’ll do is sharpening his cleaver knife..  Anyone who’s seen Soul Ash spit fire will know that his specialty is leaving his opponents Burned like Caramelized Beef flambé. We can only wait and see how he plans to execute the task.  -This guy is Sick on and off the Mic!

Thats Burned Fo' Sho'!

Be there..or refer to the image above!!

Yes, Yes, STILL Reigning Champion on Freestyle Tuesdays @ Urban Noise.

To start of the week, Our Friendly neighborhood Rapper was unfortunately drowned and invaded with a fever. Yes, there are pathological means to taking down MC Stiff, but that didn’t stop him from showing up and defending his title. This week, Urban Noise shifted the venue to Club VR1 as the weekly MC Battle continues!

This is for those who haven’t watched Last weeks’ battle (week 2)


Upon showing up, last weeks no-show challenger, Too Dope, shifted his pseudonym to a yes-show, by bringing his boys to take on MC Stiff. Too Dope said his boy wanted some exposure and yearned to take on MC Stiff.Well, exposure was exactly what he received when he choked as many times as a gunshot is fired in Afghanistan on a Monday. After two rounds, the black man raised the white flag and did what was best for him by pulling out from what would have been an unsightful verbal rape in the third round.

Just when Vandal was about to announce MC Stiff’s continued title for the third Week,out of somewhere came a challenger, saying he been watching MC Stiff for two weeks (stalker, no?) and wanted to take him on as he insisted that MC Stiff went first. The odds were against MC Stiff when the challenger got the crowd riled up, taunting him hard when he wasn’t rapping, and the challenger’s supporters were even booing MC Stiff when he talked about the opponents mother. It seemed like MC Stiff was gonna lose, judging by how the crowd was reacting to the challengers punchlines..

Even with the burning fever, MC Stiff came back stronger every round with harder punchlines..as well as a change
in ad hominen attacks by talking about the father instead. After three rounds and Vandals adjudication of the crowd cheers at judgement time, it was a close call, by slightly Louder screams and shrieks, The title remains.. How Long will he stay on the throne? We’ll find out soon enough.